DBT continues its international expansion

and registers its first orders in Romania

DBT will install, in the coming weeks, its first 50kW quick charger in Romania. This installation has been made possible by the cooperation with the Romanian subsidiary of the German telephone operator T-Mobile. The first deliveries will start before the summer 2018 and bring new opportunities of deploying more stations into this geographical area.

DBT continues to expend its distributors network

With an unparalled experience in quick charging with 2500 chargers sold across the European continent, DBT strengthens its presence on the global market with new distributors on new territories such as Romania, Slovakia or Bulgaria. This commercial expansion is made in parallel with the technical support expansion to ensure a high level of service around the charging stations.


A strategical technical and geographical placement

Known as a major actor on quick charging field, DBT offers a comprehensive range of multistandard chargers, easy to install and compatible with all the electric vehicles released on the market.

DBT places itself to capture an important market share on this promising market where few important projects have already been announced. Those projects are cofinanced by private companies and the European Union, and make the quick charger market increasing.

Hervé Borgoltz, Chairman and CEO of Group DBT declares:

“We are pleased that our efforts have been payed off. This new order strengthens DBT in Eastern Europe, where we are multiplying installations in particular in Hungary and Slovakia.

In each country, we are bringing the same level of services and availability of our chargers thanks to a robust design, a stable connectivity but also a strick follow-up of our partners for installation and maintenance.

We are waiting for other orders from Romania and we expect to deliver fifty chargers on 2018.”


To read the full press release in French language, click  here

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