Professional training for EV stations


Specialized Training for EV charging infrastructure

Lastest born of the Group’s branch, Educare by DBT is exclusively dedicated to professional training on DBT products. DBT created a subsidiary dedicated to training with the objective of offering 360° services around EV charging and ensuring a constant quality level for installation made by our partners. Reliability and quality of services is key.


Crédit photo : M.Bouissou

 Learning content

  • Technical features of DBT products & available options: a comprehensive range of charging options for all situations and uses.

  • Installation & equipement commissioning: get technical recommandations to install & commission safely your EV station on-site

  • Maintenance :Training for preventive and curative maintenance to extend your EV station life. Make sure your field teams get totally autonomous and manage EV chargers’ network at the lowest operational costs.


 Training details

  • From 1 to 3 days training session
  • Group of 8 to 10 attendees
  • Learning content validation through both theroretical & practical exercises.

  • Nominative certificates delivered after the training session

If you wish more details about our training programs, please contact us by email at



1R egistred company number 32 62 02862 62. This registration does not list DBT as an appointed company by the French State.



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