DBT widden its product offer with a new more powerful 150kW – 1000V charger


Project outline

This new charging station is the result of the evolution of the standard passenger cars EV (voltage up to 500V) marketed since September 2018 and heavy vehicles (up to 1000V). The main evolution concern the voltage which will be increase from 500V to 1000V, and will remain fully compatible with EVs already released on the market.

This new version of the Ultra 150 will benefit of a simultaneous Combo CCS charging, which is a new innovation.

Dedicated to high capacity EVs, this new charger will be the first offered with a dispenser module (in option). This remote module can separate the power electric cabinet with the user interface, in order to propose a charger with a compact size and a refined design.

These innovations attracted the attention of the ADEME who is cofinancing this new product as a part of BOM ZE project with Volvo Trucks.

A prototype of this charger will be delivered in spring 2019 and a global solution (charger and vehicle) before the end of 2019, in respect of the Volvo Trucks – Renault Trucks release planning.


Ultra 150kW-1000V and dispenserfor electrick trucks


Hervé Borgoltz, Président Directeur Général du Groupe DBT, déclare :

Hervé Borgoltz, Chairman and CEo fo Groupe DBT, declares:

“This promising project, the segment of electrick trucks, dump trucks, buses and heavy vehicles is expanding in large metropolis across the world. All the tenders for buses and trucks contain an electric motorization.

From now to 2021, we are targeting 20% of this new market, complementary to our other activities of quick charging in 50 and 150kW, currently on our product lines. The market of high capacities utility vehicles is brand new for DBT, but the adptation of exisiting technologies created in 2018 to renew the entire range of AC and DC chargers will allow us to develop quickly this new charging solution.”


Source : Volvo press release (in English) here



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