DBT deploys 77 quick chargers in Italy

DBT European expert of charging solutions for electric vehicles, announces the delivery of 77 quick chargers – Compact 50 – in Italy.


Deliveries of the new generation of chargers increase
             Compact 50 charger

DBT will deliver 77 quick charging stations to Nissan dealers in Italy from April to August 2019.

As the current legislation must apply, those chargers will offer the 3 European standards for quick charge (DC CHAdeMO, DC CCS and AC Type 2). They will be compatible with all the vehicles and will comply with each charging technology.

The innovating and scalable design of the Compact 50 is crucial in this king of large deployment. The technology is able to adapt to each specific installation site, offering a unique solution to all the installation cases. The deliveries will mostly be composed of 50kW chargers, but few deliveries will be operated with a 25kW charger. also with DBT’s new scalable technology, the power delivered by the station can be increased in the future.



Hervé Borgoltz, Chairman and CEo of DBT Group declares:

“We are pleased to announce the beginning of this new project with the Nissan dealers in Italy. After supplying different French energy clusters and the major Hungarian electric uitlities, this now Nissan Italy who decided to install our last generation of quick chargers. It is comforting, that the first worldwide car manufacturer trust in our new technology to equip his sales teams across the country.

From a strategic point of view, these 77 new units will complete the 65 quick chargers already installed across Italy, meanwhile the Italian goverment offers up to 6000€ to convert to e-mobility. Then, we are expecting an increasing demand from Italian neighbours on the next 18 months.”


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