DBT Charging Electric Vehicles


Founded in 1990, DBT is the pioneer of charging electric charging solutions (EVSE) in Europe. Since its creation, the company has  managed some iconic first  installations of connected chargers in La Rochelle and Paris, giving an international visibility to DBT.

Created in 2012, DBT Charging Electric Vehicles (DBT CEV), branch of Groupe DBT, becomes the technological partner of the global EV leader Nissan for DC quick charging.
Over the years, DBT CEV has developed a wide range of charging solutions for all uses and has been involved in the major EV chargers deployment and electric corridor projects through the European continent.


Today, DBT CEV is widely recognized and a market expert and leader on quick and ultra charging. The company proposes reliable universal and connected chargers gathering the 3 international charging standards: DC CHAdeMO®, DC CCS Combo et AC type 2.


DBT CEV & the future of EV charging stations

With the increasing power and energy density of EVs batteries, the company keeps innovating to offer charging solutions following the evolution of EV market and the technology developments.

DBT imagines the EV filling station of the future . It will use various ultra charging technologies: solar pannels, flywheel, wireless induction charging,etc… Combined with a smart and rational use of electrical grids to meet the requirements and surpass expectations of an individual and collective transport converted to e-mobility.

                                                                                                                                                       Crédit photo: DBT

Crédit photo : M.Bouissou


DBT CEV has its own R&D centre where are designed, crafted and tested all our EV charging solutions. Moreover, we take a part into many innovation projects around EV charging, e.g.  in collaboration with other companies.


We are training professionals to commissioning, maintenance and repair of DBT charging solutions.

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We are offering a complete services range to our customers with our complementary services for your EV station:

  • Maintenance contract
  • Warranty extension
  • Dedicated technical assistance
  • Second life product

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Tomorrow we will all travel differently.
And the transformation in the way we travel will be via the use of electricity

Hervé Borgoltz, Group CEO

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