360° services


We offer custom services combined with your charger purchase in order to ensure your EV station availability. DBT have a strict quality policy and will get your covered from the product order to its operation.


We will perform commissioning of your charer after the site installation . We will check if the installation meets our technical requirements and the current local regulations for an optimal functioning. Our experts will set the software and the communication parameters to connect with your back-office solution.


EVSE integration to your CPMS

In coordination with your operator, we connect the chargers to your remote management software, and ensure its full compatibility for optimal operation of your stations network.




Maintenance contract

DBT technical experts will check the charger according to the maintenance guidelines and will apply the yearly maintenance program to guarantee an optimum funtioning of your station.



Warranty extension

The initial warranty length of your charger can be extended with Warranty+, flexible in duration.



Future – Proofness of our products  

To make sure you can use your DBT products in 10 years, we make sure the develoments are based on solid standards. Our modular construction allows future services to upgrade your chargers with the most recent technology :

  • Cable retrofit
  • Charging standard retrofits
  • Charger transformation from 2 connectors to 3 connectors
  • Software upgrades



Training of your teams 

Educare by DBT is our dedicated branch to professional training on commissioning, maintenance and repair. DBT is registered as as independant training organization by the French State.

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Crédit photo: Arnaud Buissou



After-sales service

Our after-sales team are available for any technical question if you have experienced any dysfunction with your charger.

Opening hours:

Monday-Thursday: From 08:00 to 12:00 am / from 13:30 to 17:30 pm

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