« Climate plan» by Nicolas Hulot

Environment Minister for France

Where do we stand on the capabilities of electric car chargers in France ?
DBT confirms the launch of a new generation of fast chargers.

Nicolas Hulot, Minister for the Environment, announced the end of marketing for unleaded and diesel cars by 2040. This statement raises many questions, notably in relation to the charging capabilities of electric vehicles.

DBT (ALDBT), the European leader in fast chargers for electric vehicles comments on the current state of French electric charging infrastructure, as the company launches its new generation fast charger this summer. This new fast charger can charge up to 3 cars simultaneously in less than 15 minutes.

Hervé Borgoltz, CEO of DBT, said « it was very satisfying to hear the Minister’s announcement, which is in line with the strategic direction we have been taking for the last 25 years. We have always tried to be at the forefront of electric charging solutions and thanks to numerous partnerships, we have deployed the largest network of multi-standard fast chargers in Europe. From when we were a pioneer to the Grenelle Environment Forum in 2008, we have become a major European player with 65% of the fast charger market. We intend to increase this market share and significantly increase the scope of DBT’s activities».

16,800 chargers in France, which makes a fast charger every 70 km!

More than 16,000 chargers (source: Gireve) for electric vehicles are publicly available as of today in France.

The chargers correspond to different types of use:

– 16,000 stations enabling a “normal” recharge are installed on public parking places. They charge vehicles in 3 to 8 hours. This infrastructure relates to urban and regional routes.

– The 800 “fast” chargers operate as a traditional petrol station, to “fill-up” electricity in just 20 minutes. About 800 fast chargers are now installed on the national territory and enable longer journeys especially on motorways.

A network of fast chargers under development

France currently has a fast charger every 70 km thanks to Project Cori-door, a national network of 200 stations available on major motorways. Rapid charging is already popular with electric vehicle users as it enables travelling over longer distances. Car manufacturers and public authorities agree that the volume of fast chargers is expected to increase sharply over the short-term, in line with the strong growth of the electric vehicle market. Car manufacturers are currently offering many new models with a range of up to 500 km.


Launch of the new generation of DBT fast chargers

DBT is undoubtedly the European leader in fast charging with more than 2,100 fast chargers and 15,000 so called “normal” stations installed in 37 countries.
This summer, in line with its business plan, DBT is launching its new generation of ultra-fast chargers with a capacity of 150 kW which can be increased to 350 kW. These chargers will triple the current high-speed takeoff, by simultaneously charging 3 vehicles, while the current fast chargers (50 kW) charges only one car at a time.
Adapted to all vehicle brands and charging standards offered by car manufacturers, these chargers will be delivered starting from September 2017.


A wider scope for DBT

DBT has just created a training company (EDUCARE By DBT) specialised in the training of engineers dedicated to the I.R.V.E. (Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure) for European, Middle East and North African markets.
DBT also conducts research and development projects in the field of solar charge, induction charging solutions, remote-diagnostic solutions for real-time monitoring and maintenance of all its fast chargers installed in Europe.

DBT is at the heart of electric vehicles’ history in a new era which begins today.



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