discover a brand new charging experience for electric vehicles

Our vision

“Electric mobility is no longer an option, it is both our present and our horizon”

DBT evolves the way we travel by offering mobility solutions that reflect the best of innovation, industrial performance and customer focus.

At DBT, we are passionate about creating solutions that transcend the boundaries of electric mobility. Join us in this energy revolution, where every terminal, charge and energy stream contributes to a cleaner, more connected future.

It is technology that does not forget us and that does not forget where it comes from

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Welcome to the innovative world of DBT, where electric mobility solutions come together to shape a sustainable energy future. Our expertise extends to three essential pillars: charging stations, electric vehicle charging and energy distribution.


charging station

Milestone is the new terminal brand developed by DBT to meet all needs.

Private, public car parks, shopping centres and local authorities

Innovative technology that meets all your needs

Load all vehicles from 7 to 180 kW in AC and DC


recharge your car

R3 is the ultra-fast, subscription-free charging network accessible to all.

Clear and attractive kWh pricing

Fast and ultra-fast charging for unrestricted mobility

Committed network with 100% green energy


energy distribution

Robust solutions to meet the requirements of network operators.

A range of low voltage transformers

A range of power distribution terminals for public spaces

A range of access control and security terminals

they trust us

DBT proudly partners with renowned partners, forming strategic alliances to promote electric mobility and strengthen our commitment to a sustainable energy future.

Beyond our partnerships with industry giants, we also value our alliances with local companies. These beliefs have led to partnerships with actors of different sizes that reinforce our commitment to reindustrialization and an inclusive energy transition.

At DBT, our network of partnerships consists of a diversity of actors, to create a rich and varied electric mobility ecosystem.



To recharge with our charging stations, simply connect your electric vehicle to the appropriate charging station. Choose the type of socket compatible with your car, launch the session via the dedicated app, and let the DBT technology take care of the rest.

On the R3 charging stations, simplicity is in the spotlight. Payment is easily made by credit card or QR Code. Discover a seamless user experience where the diversity of payment methods gives you flexibility and convenience when charging your electric vehicle. Explore the benefits of these convenient payment options for hassle-free electric mobility.

The charging time depends on the model of your car and the power of the terminal used. Our terminals offer a range of powers, from normal to ultra-fast charging. For specific information, consult our guides or contact us for personalized recommendations based on your vehicle.

The installation of corporate charging stations is a crucial step in supporting employee electric mobility. Explore charging options tailored to your business needs, with a focus on ease of use, energy management and tax benefits.

Get detailed information on the costs associated with installing an electric charging station. Find out what affects rates, what financial support is available, and how to plan a budget to integrate charging infrastructure into your home or business.

To invest in DBT, follow our financial news and the investment opportunities we could offer. Stay informed about developments in the energy and electric mobility market, and do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team for personalized advice.

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